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Sarcasm now has Character

Ever sent an email, or published a blog, that you know is sarcastic or ironic, but others take seriously? The consequences are unintentional, but can lead to embarrassment, flaming, loss of reputation – friends, even a job.

Sarc Mark

Sarc Mark

Humour, especially sarcasm, is often a matter of context, with visual or vocal cues. How the tonality of a voice expresses a sentence if often the clue that the meaning is the opposite of the words.

Now there is a symbol – the SarcMark – which aims to end the confusion. Commentators are varying: calling it a new emoticon, font character, punctuation mark. It is anticipated to be widely used through online and mobile messaging, similar to how emoticons are currently utilized. Will the SarcMark become an accepted symbol for journalists, writers, teachers? That has yet to be resolved – but it’s here, and being used.

Oh, and yeah – nice it is only available for Windows and some mobile operating systems (not)

SarcMark costs $1.99 – Download


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