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Google Buzz Button

Google Buzz Button

Google may be wishing to go back in time a few weeks, and re-consider the launch of Buzz. A backlash from Gmail users who discovered their privacy settings were not as robust as assumed has forced Google into a revamp – and possibly including a Buzz kill button in the next few days.

Despite the teething problems, there is no doubt Buzz has taken off. Launched as a social media integration with Gmail (170 million users), the numbers of Buzz posts are staggering.

As reported by Ben Par – Mashable

According to Google, its Buzz service already has more than nine million posts and comments. Remember, this is a service that launched on Tuesday, meaning that it’s getting more than 160,000 comments and posts per hour. That’s a staggering, staggering number.

Mobile usage is also gaining in popularity — more than 200 posts per minute by mobile phone according to the search giant.

Google Buzz

Google Buzz

Since that February 11th article, the numbers have simply gone up. There is no argument – getting your blog set up for viewers to ‘Buzz’ as easily as Retweeting and posting to Facebook is vital to sharing content and gaining traffic.

This only applies to WordPress – and only to self-hosted WordPress systems – wordpress.com users will have to wait a while for a Buzz button. There are now a number of Buzz plug-ins available from wordpress.org – some will display your Google Buzz timeline as a widget (similar to a Twitter feed), for that you will need a Gmail account with Buzz activated; but to simply place a button for viewers to share/link your posts and pages to Google Reader and Buzz the one tried, tested and working best so far is WPBuzzer.

Like most WordPress plugins installation is quick and easy. If your WP system is 2.8 or better (and version 2.92 is available) you can download and activate through the dashboard – Plugins/Add New and search for WPBuzzer. Once activated go to Settings/WPBuzzer – in there you can determine where the button is displayed (pages, posts, home and archives). If you wish the button to display the number of ‘Buzzes’ enter a Bit.ly user name and API key (this is useful if you also use WP-Twitter, Tweetmeme etc.)

Google has yet to open the Buzz API, so sharing is through Google reader. Once that happens expect updates and more options for any WordPress Buzz plugin.

Know a better plugin, or have a comment on Buzz? Your thoughts are welcome!

WPBuzzer is being tested on this website – so go ahead, Buzz away!

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