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Social Media Camp Victoria BC

Social Media Camp Victoria BC

As the summer winds down thoughts turn to planning out the fall season, which for myself includes managing the campaign for Barry Hobbis in the upcoming City of Victoria council by-election, advising Keith Martin MP on communication platforms and strategy, and shifting the Johnson Street Bridge campaign to a ‘NO’ vote in the referendum. The Victoria council by-election and Blue Bridge referendum will be held together on November 20th, making for an interesting juxtaposition.

I am also delighted to be speaking at the first ever Social Media Camp in Victoria – set for October 3rd at the Victoria Conference Centre. The camp is an off-shoot of Victoria’s Social Media Club, co-produced by Paul Holmes and Chris Burdge with a host of partners and speakers, and should prove to be one of the more interesting conferences of the year.

During a recent week long holiday (first time the family has gone camping, and yes, we are now hooked on BC’s great outdoors), there was time to reflect on my topic – ‘Social Media and Campaigns’, a speaking slot shared with Russ Lolacher ‘Political Communications’. In fact I have made the topic more specific “Influence?” Will Social Media Define Elections? How we got disengaged from parties; re-engaged with issues and our community.

Immersed in an active campaign instinct tends to trump deeper thought and analysis. They are intense experiences where every moment is taken trying to stay ahead of the competition and enthusing voters to your issue or candidate. Being able to tune out for a short time allowed me to step back and think how campaigns have radically changed as social media platforms have begun to dominate the web. It raises a number of interesting questions – and please, your thoughts and feedback are welcome.

  • Can any modern campaign be successful without comprehensive use of social media?
  • Is social media leveling  the field between voter and candidate?
  • Will political parties continue to reign, or will social media allow for more independents and niche parties?
  • What are best practices for maximum impact using social media in campaigns

These questions, and others, I will be fleshing out for the presentation.

Tickets for Social Media Camp Victoria are $125 and can be purchased online.

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  1. September 29, 2010 at 11:02 PM

    Chris – you are more than welcome. I know what a huge effort you and Paul have put in to make the conference a success.



  2. September 29, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    Thanks for your support Mat. I’m looking forward to your presentation – an interesting and timely topic. It’s going to be an awesome day!

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