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What could bring nearly 500 people indoors, early on a sunny Sunday in ‘sleepy’ Victoria BC?

Only a Social Media Camp! This was a day full of energy, excitement, learning and sharing with some seriously great speakers including Scott Stratten and Julien Smith. All of the keynote speakers were engaging, funny, attentive to the audience and provided deep insight into how social media is fundamentally changing the way we interact, and how all us (even us so called ‘pros’) are not reaching its full potential.

Scott Stratten @unmarketing

Scott Stratten @unmarketing Photo Credit Wendy Hamilton @unicornsftw

Scott’s speech especially generated some memorable quotes, which are still being resent on Twitter. Ah – yes Twitter, that social media platform that people talk about, hardly understand but really is the conversation tool of now. Sign on, and follow the #SMCV10 stream to get an insight, and I’ll give an example of how useful the tool was at the conference.

At any one time there were three presentations ongoing, impossible to attend each of them. Not to worry, everyone had smart phones, laptops and iPads so the prescient points from each speaker were instantly broadcast. Want to ask a question? Tweet it in. While talking about the power of all sorts of social media platforms as a conversation, information and organizational tool, everyone was actually using a single interface – Twitter – to gain more from the conference than would normally be possible.

Back to Scott Stratten – the quotes that resonated on the #SMCV10 stream

People spread Awesome not Meh.

Every time you ask for the ROI of Twitter a kitten dies… and a unicorn.

My job is not to be the jackass whisperer.

If your business sucks in the real world, it’s really going to suck in the social media world.

The Best SEO is Awesome Frickin Content.

And from Julien Smith

No mistake is forever

Number two from Scott was especially connective. The ‘official’ photographer of SMCV10 was a wonderful volunteer, Wendy Hamilton @unicornsftw (Pics available on Facebook) – who took it to heart about ‘killing unicorns’. That theme was taken up by Raul Pacheco-Vega @hummingbird604, who presented on Social Media and Behaviour Modelling. His tweet:

to @unicornsftw RT @hummingbird604: My quote from #smcv10 “Every time someone quotes Malcom Gladwell as an academic a unicorn dies”

Which is neat, as Malcolm Gladwell’s rant in the New Yorker was part of my presentation on ‘Social Media and Politics’. Gladwell’s presumptive article had a root thesis that social media simply is not a tool, or platform, to affect real change. A slew of bloggers, including Wired.com’s Jonah Leher took Gladwell to task with ‘Weak Ties, Twitter and Revolution‘ – essentially saying, wrong.

In ‘Politics and Social Media’ myself and co-presenter Russel Lolacher @Russlol – BC Liberal Causcus Communications – presented some examples of community activists using social media to organize, exchange ideas, and create action – and also view it from the other side, the candidate for office and the elected official. Social media is certainly changing the relationship between government and voters, and becoming a major force in elections (my thoughts – many might disagree)

A podcast of Raul Pacheco-Vega and myself on Public Eye Radio with Sean Holman talking about social media and politics is available (Podcast – 1st 20 minutes). Raul and I did this at 8am on the day of the conference, which involved some interesting logistics (like, register at the conference centre, taxi to CFAX studios, do the show, walk back – which was a great conversation – then prep for presentations). The coolest thing was coming into the conference centre afterwords to comments of ‘well done’ – people had listened on their iPhones!

Video of the presentation:

and a photo of Julien Smith

Julien Smith @julien

Julien Smith @julien

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