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Hard to believe it’s been two months since the last post, but that’s what happens when life gets somewhat insane. While I’ve been running around playing politics, WordPress has updated the core code a few times to (current) version 3.03, social media has become entrenched as a primary marketing force, and mobile apps are the next thing to consider.

So, in no particular order…

Politics, gaining the ground sense.

Barry Hobbis Campaign Website

Barry Hobbis Campaign Website

It was a privilege to manage the campaign for Barry Hobbis. His run for Victoria City Council in the recent by-election was unsuccessful, but in fact we all learned more from coming second than winning. A political campaign boils down to intensive marketing, and the lessons learned are valuable.

As web marketing is far more cost effective than print, radio and TV, we did concentrate on the website and social media for the beginning media drive, but it was not until localized Facebook adverts were initiated that traffic, comments and queries really took off. That really was an eye opener – email marketing can entice a certain group, but it was social media ads that made the difference.

Lesson – Localized Facebook adverts work exceptionally well

Custom Content with WordPress

The Wright Result

The Wright Result

If you are new to The Wright Result, or recently returning, you might note it’s a new design – something I am still playing with. The ‘sliders’ on the home page, blog formatting, widgets and new plugins are only possible with the comprehensive updates from WordPress over the past few months.

WP version 3.03, released this week, fixes a user level security flaw for remote posting (more info here). More importantly is what WordPress can now accomplish as a content management system.

I’m looking forward to the next few months playing around with the core, and trying some new features. In the mean time, check out the new website for The Pacific Baroque Festival which is based on the new 2010 Theme included with the latest WP updates.

Lesson – Don’t take your eye off WordPress Development. It’s a world of interesting opportunity

and Finally, Apps

It's all about Apps

It's all about Apps

After finally giving up, or more truthfully giving into temptation, the new 4G 32 Gig IPhone is my new best friend. It was invaluable during the election campaign, and configured correctly is the ‘office on the road’.

The utility is down to apps – the often free downloadable programs that provide access to information from transit to election results. Imagine what a mobile App could do for your business – an inventory with special orders (and discounts for using the App), the possibilities are endless – and the costs are now realistic.

Mobile Apps are now as much a part of marketing and engaging clients as creating a winning brochure.

The key is to know your clients. How are they getting information, how do they engage with each other and you.

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