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Anyone else think the 2011 Oscar’s were particularly lame? Despite Anne Hathaway and James Franco attempts to make the best of lame scripts and routines, the entire spectacle seemed put together by a committee of dunces – uninspiring, ineffective. More interesting, for backstage and audience news, plus simple entertainment with the comments, was the #oscars Twitter stream – the clear winner of the night.

Oscar Awards and Social Media - via Fast Company

Oscar Awards and Social Media - via Fast Company

Quite of number of commentators noted the event action on Twitter  – Forbes, PC Magazine, MTV – and certainly the studios, actors and PR people were using all social media platforms before Oscar night to advance their projects. Maybe all of them, and the Academy, should have stuck with social media and saved the money on a gala showcase.

It was Douglas, however, who captured Twitter’s attention. By Monday morning, his name was atop Twitter’s trending topics worldwide, in the U.S., and in various U.S. cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Douglas has never actually won an Oscar, though he was awarded an honorary one in 1996. PC Mag – Read The Full Article

Interesting of course, as most would feel visual trumps text – but I am not the only one who felt the Twitter stream beat the TV experience. and it continues…


So, in 2012 – Why not a ‘TwOscars’ or (my fave) ‘Twiscers’ ?

There is huge potential for a Twitter awards show, that could easily trump whatever the annually over-hyped Oscars can offer – and it would likely drive more traffic and revenue to movies, videos, musicians, artists, editors, PR peeps than any previous century styled awards show could ever imagine. (and be far cheaper, the money saved used to promote revolutions)

All the awards could be based on @Klout scores !!

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