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One of the delights of Social Media Camp is the variety of topics and presentation formats, most of which encourage audience questions and participation. The most recent Victoria BC conference was no exception (except for being a truly exceptional experience). The two packed days, June 3rd and 4th, at the

Politics and Social Media Panel

Politics and Social Media Panel

Victoria Conference Centre provided opportunities for all levels of knowledge, and covered a comprehensive range of interests. Among the technical presentations on current social media platforms – the 101 ‘how to’s’ to expert – a number of panels explored how social media is changing the culture of communications in business, society, media and government.

It was therefore a delight to be on the panel – Social Media and Politics – with Dr. Janni Aragon, Michael Geoghegan, moderated by Theresa Lalonde. Rather than each panelist provide a presentation on a topic related to Politics, Communication and Social Media, Theresa asked three questions allowing for plenty of questions from a very engaged audience.

1: If Twitter decided the recent Canadian Federal Election, who would have won?
2: What is the value of Social Media in politics and campaigns
3: Does Social Media simply reinforce voter preference, or is it a medium to change?

Social Media statistics on Canadian politicians and election candidates can be found on the excellent website PoliTwitter. Follow @Kady @RosieBarton @Laura_Payton for political media reporting on Twitter.

With thanks to Gamut Productions for the high quality video, and videographer Carol-Lynne Michaels. Also to Paul Holmes and Chris Burdge, the organizers of #SMCV11, the volunteers who made it run so smoothly and everyone who attended!

Video – Part 1, Panel Questions and Debate

Video – Part 2, Audience Questions

Add your favourites! Who, at any level of government, is using Twitter well to connect with people? Post a comment….
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  1. Janis La Couvée (@lacouvee)-Reply
    June 28, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    I regret not being able to attend your panel, but must have either been speaking, or moderating!

    My vote for a politician who is using social media well is Michelle Mungall from Nelson – she has an active blog, Facebook and Twitter. She shares her life, not just her political messages. I think this is especially important in a more rural jurisdiction, where people are liable to know you personally. Also, Michelle is a fairly newly elected official – one who perhaps has not yet been entrenched in party “speak” (I was going to say dogma or rhetoric but those words seem too harsh).

  2. June 27, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    Wow, amazing job! I’m now re-regretting missing the panel!

    • June 27, 2011 at 10:05 PM

      Paul – being there I was amazed at the quality of the discussion and the audience participation. Thanks for making it happen.

  3. June 27, 2011 at 6:13 PM

    and forgot to add http://politwitter.ca/user/TonyclementCPC – he is an example of how a politician is using Twitter to engage far beyond his own constituency.

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