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Social Media

What do Facebook, Twitter, Four Square have in common? They are the platforms where the new dynamic of marketing is happening. There is s fundamental shift from simple advertising to engaging with clients.

Facebook: Do you have a business profile – and page, community events listings? If not, you are missing out on a wealth of new clients and potentially missing creating a new relationship with your current customers.

Twitter: This is where news, conversations, sharing happens in real time. A great way to let your community know the latest news, and to connect, make the relationships that help shape your brand.

Foursquare: You might have the best restaurant, retail outlet or service in the area, but it does not matter if no one can find you. FourSquare is one location service that connects social media users with business.

Integration of all these social media services can be a challenge. Making it happen can prove to be the boost your business is seeking.

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