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What is a #PoliTUp or #Politweetup you ask? Resulting from an annual panel discussion at Victoria’s Social Media Camp, this brings together people interested in politics, communication and social media to a ‘real life’ event, with an online discussion continuing on Twitter using the hashtag #PoliTUp.

Note: If you are in Victoria BC on Thursday, October 6th there will be a PoliTweetup at the University of Victoria, David Strong Building, Room C118 (see Map) from 4:30 to 6pm. Moderated by Janni Aragon (@JanniAragon), the panel features Emmett Macfarlane (@emmmacfarlane), Anna Drake (@annamdrake), Paul Holmes (@tpholmes) and myself (Mat Wright) (@MatVic) – this is open to students, faculty, and the public. Everyone interested in politics, communication and social media are welcome to attend, and you can follow #PoliTUp.

The topic for this #PoliTweetup is “Canadian State(s) of Mind: Local, Federal and Social Media” – a series of questions and points will be put to the panel for comment, followed by an open session with questions from the audience.

Imagining the media world before the internet might be difficult. After all, websites, email, online forums have been around for over twenty years and have played a major role in political communication. More interesting, and relevant, is the mental exercise – thinking back four to five years, before Facebook, Twitter and social media and noting how those mediums have, and continue, to radically change the relationship between government and citizens.

You can watch the #PoliTUp feed below!

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