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A question came up on Twitter today through Lisa Helps (@LisaHelps), a City of Victoria councillor, while attending a seminar at the Local Government Leadership Conference


From @LBMG_PR at #lgla Is social media the new press release? cc @lacouvee @matvic

with a response from Janis LaCouvee


@lisahelps @LBMG_PR @matvic IMO it’s reductive to say that social media is the new press release. It’s one part of communications.


@frank_leonard said tonight at #lgla since he’s been on Twitter he hasn’t written a press release, saves staff time cc @lacouvee @matvic

(Note: Frank Leonard is the Mayor of Saanich BC)

SHAW TV Opinion Panel

SHAW TV Opinion Panel

Janis is correct. Social Media is only one part of communications, be that advertising, politics, branding or ‘news’. However, it is true to say Social Media is the central hub of media aggregation. Outside of text, which is an important factor and not to be discounted, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Google Plus and even the somewhat re-vamped My Space, are not involved in production. Photographs, video, interviews, and articles are created outside the social media sphere, but in that space they gain an audience and interaction beyond the medium.

Community news especially suffers from a lack of broad based promotion. Despite provisions in Canada (and elsewhere) for community TV, the audiences tend to be small, while the production values often equal or beat commercial operations. Which is why the news that SHAW TV community programs, at least in the Victoria BC area, will soon have a Youtube channel, is welcome.

The weekly Opinion Panel on SHAW TV is a case in point. Host Alan Perry brings together opinion makers from around the region to discuss major issues. For February 10th, we discussed regional amalgamation, big box stores, a provincial judicial review and more…

with Nikki Ewanyshyn, John Treleaven, and host Alan Perry



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