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Hard to believe it is 2015. The past year has been one of upheavals internationally, nationally and yes, even locally. Who would have thought a relatively unknown jihadist group a year ago would have taken over so much Syrian and Iraqi territory sending a coalition, including Canada, back into Middle East conflict, or that in Greater Victoria a mayor with well over a decade in office would be out of his job by over 1000 votes. defeated by a complete political neophyte – that happened in Saanich, and was reflected in the City of Victoria. With all that upheaval in mind from the previous 12 months, here are some predictions for 2015. With so much in play in all levels of politics and media…

1: BC Ferries figures it is actually more economical under their financial projections to winch Vancouver Island 20km closer to the mainland to save on fuel costs. Then once again hedges oil at $120 per barrel for the coming year. BC Government heralds this as ‘enlightened management’.

2: SHAW Cable hikes fees another 10%, wonders why users revolt. Hires now ex- BC Ferries CEO Mike Corrigan as a consultant.

3: Pope Francis appoints a lesbian, transgender, atheist bishop as head of Opus Dei. Becomes a regular panelist on Real Time with Bill Maher.

4: Black Press finally buys out all latent print media in British Columbia, places Tom Fletcher as full editor in charge. Editor Tom immediately reserves all Op/Ed placements for the Fraser Institute – no one notices.

5: National Energy Board in a big ‘whoops’ accidentally releases pre-approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline dated August 2014. Subsequent followup…’ hey folks, look at our record, did you expect anything different?’

6: Christy Clark in a major announcement disbands cabinet. Places Rich Coleman as Minister of Everything, saying ‘look at the guy! He’s BIG – he can do liquor, gambling, LNG – all that great, wonderful, goochy stuff BCers love!!’.  Donate here…

7: As a surprise Christy Clark calls a 2 week 2015 fall session of the Legislature – one bill to be debated, making obeying stop signs arbitrary. ‘Just want to be prepared for 2017’

8: BuzzFeed buys out Black Press

9: Trying not to be recalcitrant, ISIS welcomes homosexuals and demands equal panelist time with Pope Francis on Real Time with Bill Maher

10: Jack Knox will have a better top 10!

Happy New Year!


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