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Mat, Tine and Joel
Mat, Tine and Joel

Mat Wright studied at the University of Victoria before travelling the world and eventually residing in Brugge, Belgium. He partner founded, owned, and managed the Innovative Online Travel Company ‘Hostels of Europe’ (1999-2004); co-founded, and board member, of the NGO ‘Quality of Life’ and consulted for airlines, travel organizations and international trade bodies. He brings a wealth of design and marketing experience to each project.

Tiné Mortier was born and educated in Belgium and worked for over 20 years in the Travel and Hospitality industry. Her love of languages (she speaks 5 fluently) and natural ability as a photographer are a valuable asset for every project and client.

The Company utilizes a select group of professional freelance web, print and graphic designers, programmers and copy editors, locally and internationally, when required.