On the recall of the B.C. Legislature, Vacancy tax and Political Expediency


So why the rush to legislate? The City of Vancouver does not have a plan, only a vague idea and in fact say any new tax and/or bylaws will only be in place sometime next year. The provincial government can, in fact should, collect more data, do a review on the positive and negative impacts, look at how other jurisdictions have dealt with over-heated and speculative markets, and put together a comprehensive package of housing policies for a fall session. Rushed legislation is never good legislation. This is about the B.C. Liberal government making the appearance of quick action, when in fact the warnings have been loud and clear for years.

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On Brexit – and Colossal Collapse of Reason


The lesson for liberal democracies everywhere is that politicians and parties driven by donors and insiders are at the mercy of an increasingly angry, disenfranchised and motivated citizenry. Voters who feel their immediate issues are not addressed by the political class respond to the dog whistle, fact free, messages of xenophobic, power hungry, wing nuts like UKIP’s Nigel Farage and Donald Trump. Rational self interest goes out the window, the result is a country on the road to irrelevance.

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A Few Predictions for 2016

Lovin Dubai ø@lovindubai  29m29 minutes ago
The Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai has just erupted in flames! http://lovindubai.com/dubai/the-address-hotel-in-downtown-dubai-has-just-erupted-in-flames Ö 

Muhammad Lila ø@MuhammadLila  2m2 minutes ago
Dubai officials say fire broke out on 20th floor of The Adress, originated from outside the hotel.

The annual predictions. What is in store for the world. Canada, British Columbia and Victoria in 2016 (this is satire) 1: Donald Trump sweeps the GOP nomination, wins the 2016 Presidential election and at the inauguration slowly peels off his face mask to reveal…… Stephen Harper. The case of the disappearing former Prime Minister is …

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2015 Already? A Few Predictions


A few predictions for 2015: the past year was one of upheaval locally, nationally and internationally. Let’s have a great 2015

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When Journalists Become the News in the Age of Social Media

matthew keys

News that Reuters deputy social media editor Matthew Keys has been indicted for alleged hacking has rocked the community. Time to step back, and note, the legal system has a long way to go catching up to modern communication, and journalism.

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Punditry Explodes on #BCpoli


No matter the outcomes of Monday’s caucus meeting, the budget vote, and any other revelations over the next weeks, no one can say that politics in British Columbia is boring. You can follow the conversations and public punditry using the Twitter tags #BCpoli – and the current discussion #QuickWin and #EthnicGate

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2013 Predictions, or the Year of the Sneek

Year of the Sneek

The 5th, of 6th year of doing a ‘Top Predictions’ blog for the upcoming year: inspired by the (ever expiring) Victoria BC Times Colonist journalist Jack Knox (@JackKnox), who annually regales us Islanders with his profoundly insightful prophecy. This year, a connection as the team at #YYJchat, of whom I am honoured to be a member, actually had our hero scribe as a guest – well done, we will never regain our reputations.

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Police Roadblock! Should you Post that on Social Media?


Fact is we are all journalists. That should not be hampered by any official body, it is a fundamental aspect of contemporary life that people have the ability to post the immediacy of situations via Twitter, Facebook – through status updates, photos and videos – using smart phones and tablets. For the Vancouver police department to even question that raises a more profound thought – why are they even raising the issue? Do they want control over Social Media accounts so nobody can post about certain operations?

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Can Social Media Engagement Predict Elections?


Monday November 26th three federal by elections will be held in Canada: Durham, Ontario – Calgary, Alberta – Victoria, BC. How do the candidates measure up on social media, is that an indicator of votes?

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Tony Clement and UBCM Fail the Authenticity Test – Public demands Better


We will be joined with primary guests City of Victoria Councillor Shellie Gudgeon (@ShellieGudgeon) and local business owner Derek Sanderson (@The Island IT), and reaching out to UBCM delegates to join us, share their thoughts on the conference, and what it means to be a politician in the Social Media age.

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