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A Few Predictions for 2016

Lovin Dubai ø@lovindubai  29m29 minutes ago
The Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai has just erupted in flames! http://lovindubai.com/dubai/the-address-hotel-in-downtown-dubai-has-just-erupted-in-flames Ö 

Muhammad Lila ø@MuhammadLila  2m2 minutes ago
Dubai officials say fire broke out on 20th floor of The Adress, originated from outside the hotel.

The annual predictions. What is in store for the world. Canada, British Columbia and Victoria in 2016 (this is satire) 1: Donald Trump sweeps the GOP nomination, wins the 2016 Presidential election and at the inauguration slowly peels off his face mask to reveal…… Stephen Harper. The case of the disappearing former Prime Minister is …

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2015 Already? A Few Predictions


A few predictions for 2015: the past year was one of upheaval locally, nationally and internationally. Let’s have a great 2015

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2013 Predictions, or the Year of the Sneek

Year of the Sneek

The 5th, of 6th year of doing a ‘Top Predictions’ blog for the upcoming year: inspired by the (ever expiring) Victoria BC Times Colonist journalist Jack Knox (@JackKnox), who annually regales us Islanders with his profoundly insightful prophecy. This year, a connection as the team at #YYJchat, of whom I am honoured to be a member, actually had our hero scribe as a guest – well done, we will never regain our reputations.

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Police Roadblock! Should you Post that on Social Media?


Fact is we are all journalists. That should not be hampered by any official body, it is a fundamental aspect of contemporary life that people have the ability to post the immediacy of situations via Twitter, Facebook – through status updates, photos and videos – using smart phones and tablets. For the Vancouver police department to even question that raises a more profound thought – why are they even raising the issue? Do they want control over Social Media accounts so nobody can post about certain operations?

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Tony Clement and UBCM Fail the Authenticity Test – Public demands Better


We will be joined with primary guests City of Victoria Councillor Shellie Gudgeon (@ShellieGudgeon) and local business owner Derek Sanderson (@The Island IT), and reaching out to UBCM delegates to join us, share their thoughts on the conference, and what it means to be a politician in the Social Media age.

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Are Your Followers Fake?

Twitter Status Report

A new service, Status People, will parse your personal and business Twitter accounts for fake users, and give you a percentage report. While it is not an exact science the algorithm has some guiding principles, and becomes more accurate as more users check their followers:

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Twitter is the News

Twitter Trends Map

No doubt Twitter has radically altered ‘News’ as we know it – and it will become more profound as the platform gains more users. There needs to be a balance however between profit motive editors chasing trends for the potential audience value, vs allocating resources to reports that have community impact.

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Victoria Police Take to Twitter for Canada Day

Canadian Flag

Refreshing to witness the Victoria BC Police Department experiment with Twitter on Canada Day. Creating a Hashtag – #VicPDhelps – as a non-911 means for people to note problems or concerns while tens of thousands gathered in the downtown core to celebrate the national holiday.

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Twist My Rubber Arm….

Victoria Harbour from Fairmont Empress Verandah

When the Fairmont Empress (@FairmontEmpress) in Victoria BC sent a DM (direct message) tweet with an invitation to come down and try out their new Hoyne Honey Hefe – made by Hoyne Brewery, using Empress Hotel’s own honey – my response was ‘Twist my rubber arm’.

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Taking #SMcamp Lessons to #Saltspring


On Thursday June 14th I will be on Saltspring Island, at the invitation of the Saltspring Chamber of Commerce. Title of the presentation is “Tips, Tricks and Tools”, and many of those will come from learning at Social Media Camp… Yes, kudos to Erica Ehm for quantifying, Social Media is a Cocktail Party!

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