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2013 Predictions, or the Year of the Sneek

Year of the Sneek

The 5th, of 6th year of doing a ‘Top Predictions’ blog for the upcoming year: inspired by the (ever expiring) Victoria BC Times Colonist journalist Jack Knox (@JackKnox), who annually regales us Islanders with his profoundly insightful prophecy. This year, a connection as the team at #YYJchat, of whom I am honoured to be a member, actually had our hero scribe as a guest – well done, we will never regain our reputations.

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Police Roadblock! Should you Post that on Social Media?


Fact is we are all journalists. That should not be hampered by any official body, it is a fundamental aspect of contemporary life that people have the ability to post the immediacy of situations via Twitter, Facebook – through status updates, photos and videos – using smart phones and tablets. For the Vancouver police department to even question that raises a more profound thought – why are they even raising the issue? Do they want control over Social Media accounts so nobody can post about certain operations?

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Victoria Police Take to Twitter for Canada Day

Canadian Flag

Refreshing to witness the Victoria BC Police Department experiment with Twitter on Canada Day. Creating a Hashtag – #VicPDhelps – as a non-911 means for people to note problems or concerns while tens of thousands gathered in the downtown core to celebrate the national holiday.

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Opinion Panel on SHAW TV


The weekly Opinion Panel on SHAW TV. Host Alan Perry brings together opinion makers from around the region to discuss major issues. For February 10th, we discussed regional amalgamation, big box stores, a provincial judicial review and more…

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Bill C-30 leads to #TellVicEverything: CFAX1070 Podcast

Toews Cartoon

CFAX Podcast: In the House of Commons last week, Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews introduced sweeping legislation primarily providing law enforcement mandated access to basic account information from Internet Service Providers.

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Did Social Media kill SOPA? Podcast

Wikipedia SOPA Blackout

It was hard to ignore the debate over the controversial anti-piracy bills proposed in the United States – SOPA and PIPA – as a number of popular websites, namely Wikipedia, went dark in protest on Wednesday January 18th.

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Top Predictions for 2012 – Or the Year We Dicsover if the Mayans were Right

Mayan Calendar

Predictions for 2012 – what will the coming year bring in politics, news, books and popular culture?

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Social Media and Political Policy: Smart Meters the New HST


At least in British Columbia, we are witness to a host of movements reaching beyond established protest groups, essentially saying: politics as we know must change.

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E-Politics: Advocacy, Outrage in Political Communication

Politics and Communication

Watching the communication evolution is fascinating. Are we simply tapping into personal and group memes, always prevalent but never fully voiced, or is this new potential to influence and connect essentially changing the nature of democracy, politics, policy and government?

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Social Media Takes on Vancouver Rioters

Vancouver Riots 2011 - Photo Credit Elspeth Grafton

The wealth of information will be useful to the police, but it raises an interesting question. While publicly operated CCTV and private security cameras are less obvious, those who instigated the riots, started fires and attacked others, must have been aware of the hundreds of people filming in the immediate area. Yet the threat of exposure did not act as a deterrent.

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