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2015 Already? A Few Predictions


A few predictions for 2015: the past year was one of upheaval locally, nationally and internationally. Let’s have a great 2015

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2013 Predictions, or the Year of the Sneek

Year of the Sneek

The 5th, of 6th year of doing a ‘Top Predictions’ blog for the upcoming year: inspired by the (ever expiring) Victoria BC Times Colonist journalist Jack Knox (@JackKnox), who annually regales us Islanders with his profoundly insightful prophecy. This year, a connection as the team at #YYJchat, of whom I am honoured to be a member, actually had our hero scribe as a guest – well done, we will never regain our reputations.

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Can Social Media Engagement Predict Elections?


Monday November 26th three federal by elections will be held in Canada: Durham, Ontario – Calgary, Alberta – Victoria, BC. How do the candidates measure up on social media, is that an indicator of votes?

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Are Your Followers Fake?

Twitter Status Report

A new service, Status People, will parse your personal and business Twitter accounts for fake users, and give you a percentage report. While it is not an exact science the algorithm has some guiding principles, and becomes more accurate as more users check their followers:

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Twitter is the News

Twitter Trends Map

No doubt Twitter has radically altered ‘News’ as we know it – and it will become more profound as the platform gains more users. There needs to be a balance however between profit motive editors chasing trends for the potential audience value, vs allocating resources to reports that have community impact.

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Social Media and Politics: Gifts or Gaffes?

Politics and Social Media: Gifts or Gaffes

The battle ground for hearts, minds and votes has extended exponentially into social media at all levels of government, but are individual politicians doing it well?

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Social Media Influence Scores – They Matter


In choosing a marketing professional does Klout provide a metric? Yes – if PR and advertising firms do not pay attention to metric scoring then they are doing a disservice to themselves and clients.

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Canadian Social Media Usage


The latest Ipsos Reid survey of Canadian Social Media Usage illustrates what many have noted in the past few months – that the number of Canadians signing up new social media accounts is beginning to peak, but there is a dramatic rise in interactivity. Canadians are active daily and weekly on Facebook especially – more than most equally connected countries – and the demographic statistics show youth no longer dominate.

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YouTube Government Channels – Digitally Connecting with Citizens


High end and free tools now available from Google and YouTube allowing for any level of government to engage with citizens there is little excuse for the oft heard refrain – ‘no one is listening’.

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Social Media

Microsoft Word - web 2.0 logos.doc

What do Facebook, Twitter, Four Square have in common? They are the platforms where the new dynamic of marketing is happening. There is s fundamental shift from simple advertising to engaging with clients.

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