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2013 Predictions, or the Year of the Sneek

The 5th, or 6th year of doing a ‘Top Predictions’ blog for the upcoming year: inspired by the (ever expiring) Victoria BC Times Colonist journalist Jack Knox (@JackKnox), who annually regales us Islanders with his profoundly insightful prophecy. This year, a connection as the team at #YYJchat, of whom I am honoured to be a member, actually had our hero scribe as a guest – well done, we will never regain our reputations.

Looking over last year’s predictions jiggled the funny bone as a few made the zeitgeist – yep, Mayan Apocalypse certainly gained attention.

normal_happy_teaser_ad_copySo…. Here’s looking to 2013

1: Chinese year of the Snake: Snakes on a Plane….snakes in the grass…Washington State legalizes marijuana…B.C. in a big election…BC Marijuana Party wins! (stream of thought)

2: Social Media finally combines into an extremely useful, single platform called #PintYourFaceintoMyTube – marketers revel. Google adds a + version a month later.

3: Apple launches iPhone 6, 6.3, and a ‘mini-mini’ iPad (iPhone 4 revamped) all within 3 weeks, with midnight launches. Expectant buyer lineups combine and cause riots around the world.

4: US ‘fiscal cliff’ becomes a ‘cliff hanger’ lasting well into the the next Presidential election – which starts next week.

5: BC Ferries announces $50 million revamp of upper class lounges – though, these will be at terminals. Have a great meal, or 2 – even 3 – while you wait.

6: Lockheed introduces the F36, just to confuse Canadians.

7: Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece all apply to leave the EU and join the Canadian currency. Mark Carney has a giggle fit from London.

8: The Mayans were right, just a month off – it’s January 21st folks!

9: China notes buying and centralizing world iron/steel around Beijing is creating an earth magnetic wobble. Solution: buy these accredited sea sickness ginseng pills from our wonderful, safe and friendly factories.

10: In reference to #9, Harper notes Canadian potash exports help the global production of ginseng.

11: BC Premier Christie Clark goes for broke, and kisses a girl – though it turns out to be Katy Perry who crashed a fund raiser…even the NDP say ‘it could happen to anyone’. John Cummins …. ‘goddamn, why was I not invited?’ Jane Sterk kisses a sewage pipe, and that wins the election….

12: The Amazon cloud sever becomes sentient – John Grisham is forced into slavery to write novellas for Kindle.

13: 13th year of the new century: Blade Runner is looking like a soft landing!

and this is the year of the sneek: who gets your data?

Your comments, questions are welcome – have a great year.


Occupy Vancouver – Video and Photos

While in Vancouver I took the opportunity to visit the Occupy Vancouver camp, outside the Art Gallery, in the heart of downtown. What struck me was the size of the encampment, and the facilities including a kitchen, library, meditation tent. It remains to be seen how long the camp will last, but judging by the efforts of the protesters and volunteers, there is an air of ‘permanence’.



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Moon over Victoria

Taken on Wednesday January 19th, 2011. The moon rising over San Juan Island photographed from the back deck of the house. It was a glowing red ball dominating the horizon until slipping behind some clouds.


Pacific Baroque Festival – 6 Years of Baroque Music in Victoria BC

Music Gold in Victoria BC

Going into it’s 6th year the February Classic, Pacific Baroque Festival welcomes Bernard Foccroulle (organ), Anne Grimm (soprano), the return of Colin Tilney (harpsichord), Elissa Poole (baroque flute), Sand Dalton (baroque obio) as well as the Pacific Baroque Orchestra and The Victoria Children’s Choir.

The festival focuses on music by three great composers of the German baroque: Dietrich Buxtehude, who J.S. Bach famously walked 300 km to hear play the organ, Georg Philip Telemann, who appears in the Guiness Book of Records as the most prolific composer of all time, and the great J.S. Bach, whose music remains timeless.

The 2010 Pacific Baroque Festival will feature a Thursday morning and evening special event at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and Christ Church Cathedral, two main concerts on the Friday and Saturday evenings at Alix Goolden Hall, and a Free Event “Choral Vespers and Abendmusik” on the Sunday afternoon at Christ Church Cathedral.

Make your plans now to join a welcome audience of Local and Visitor, Classical and Baroque music enthusiasts for this unique, acclaimed music festival event in Victoria BC.

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Pacific Baroque Festival

Pacific Baroque Festival