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Domain Registration

What Domain is right for you?

Choosing the right domain name can make all the difference. It should reflect your business name, brand, product, service (or a combination), be easy to remember – and, of course, available.

A top level domain (.com, .org, .net) is always preferable to a .info, – and country based domains (.ca, .eu) are also useful for search engine placement, and user familiarity.

Brand and Business Domain Protection – When a domain name is found that suits, and is available, it is wise to also reserve alternates so a competitor, or cyber squatter, will not affect your business. When you register yourcompany.com – reserve the .org, .net and .ca (or international country domain) – you are then protected.

Private VS Public Domain Registration
– By default the domain owner’s name, address and contact information is published in publicly available WHOIS databases. For a small annual fee that information can be hidden so email spammers and potential hackers are denied your personal or business details.

Domain Registrars – Not all Domain Registration companies are equal, and often the cheapest price is not the best service.

The Wright Result will research, register and configure your domains. We will fully manage your domain registration account, including nameservers, MX records, domain pointing or url forwarding for a low annual fee

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