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Winekitz Victoria
Winekitz Victoria

Web Design Consultation – it starts with a comprehensive review of your internet needs, target market, expectations and desires. We look at your current web and print marketing material (business cards, brochures, advertising and existing website) then propose a web design solution that will WOW not only you, but your clients.

If you are starting from scratch, or are looking for a complete new brand image then the following checklist may be useful…

Choose a Web Domain Name – if you have not registered a top level domain check here for options and information. We ensure your registration is correct and that nameservers are configured.

Web Hosting Account – if you have an existing website, and hosting account, we will review it to ensure your new design will serve correctly, and that you have the right options. If you need a new Hosting Account we can help.

Existing Design Material – do you have eps (editable) digital files of your current logo, letterhead and business card – along with any advertising material? Do you have pictures, video and written content?

Stand Out!
Stand Out!

Web Design Features – if you see websites you adore, note them; any design/program features you feel would benefit your target market, and assist your business development.

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While every website is essentially unique, there are certain features and considerations you can count on The Wright Result to provide in your website design

CSS/Xhtml Web Design Standards. We use valid CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and markup code to ensure your website design loads quickly, and renders correctly on all browsers. This also makes design editing across multiple pages easier and faster.

Web Navigation Design. We ensure all pages and sections of your website design are linked correctly, and that your clients can navigate easily through prominent links and tool bars.

Web Colour and Font Design. Your favourite font, letter type or colour may work fine in print, but not on the web – screens (monitors) and home computers are limited in how they show certain styles. We work by ensuring your unique style (your identity) is as close as possible across all mediums (print and screen).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All WR websites are designed with Search Engines in mind. We ensure title tags, meta-tags, alt-tags and myriad other details are considered so your website is Search Engine Optimized, ready to be submitted and found.

Extra Web Features…

If it works for your situation you may wish to consider: web flash movie design, web picture galleries and sound; a web blog design or discussion forum, downloadable PDF files of brochures and order forms, e-commerce systems, email newsletter design; and other interactive design features that will keep your clients coming back for more.

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A website design that works for you and your clients. A website that will promote your unique brand identity.

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